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We  Thank  Government of India  for Granting Us Permissions to Be Helping Hands for Nation

The upcoming popularity of Guruji Vij Rajesh Trust doesn't need much Introduction . The Trust has been helping poor people in many  fields  Medical Aid , Education Aid  Disaster Relief, Shelter aid , Save & Promote Sanskrit and Culture and various help understanding the feeling touch of needy  helpless people. Guruji R Vij born in a Indian Hindu family having great love for Nation got inspiration to be a Helping Hand to the Nation Inspiration came from famous Saints  Peer Baba_Ramdevji, Shirdi Sai Baba, Guru Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Shri Swami Vivekananda, Guruji Swami Prakashanand Maharaj Personalities who sacrificed there lifetime  for the Humanity like   The Maker of Modern India Raja Ram Mohan Roy,  Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis, Sister Mother Teresa ,     

 Guruji Vij Rajesh Trust history starts with Smt M R Vij with the story of compassion. The mammoth crowd that followed the adieu procession of the Guruji Vij Rajesh Trust, Smt M Bose, a kind hearted social activist took up the challenge of being and working for the poor .

 From this simple, yet heart breaking incident, brought the determination that, to take the mantle of Guruji Vij Rajesh Trust, that “Service to Living beings is Service to God”.

The inspiration which helped to create “ Guruji Vij Rajesh Trust “ is being carried out all these years with friends belonging to all cast religion and creed

We took the initiative with the vision that “No one shall be deprived of the basic needs”. The overwhelming response from the general public is the impetus for the growth of Guruji Vij Rajesh Trust.

Now Guruji Vij Rajesh Trust functions as a social relief Trust  striving for the uplift of poor, sick, downtrodden and the under privileged.

The vision of the Guruji Vij Rajesh Trust is to spread the ideals of Guruji Vij and motivate the younger generation to render service to the less fortunate.

Its sub unit “Guruji Vij Rajesh Trust” enrolls members and forms committees at national state, district, taluka and village levels. Guruji Vij Rajesh Trust serves with the motto of “Service to Living beings“.

 With the partnership of Government & various State governments, as well as the generosity of thousands of our supporters, we have grown from a small endeavor to a mammoth force that stretches across the wide chemosphere .

 All these years Guruji Vij Rajesh Trust serve the under privileged and the needy to transform a vision into a reality. Our fight will continue till the last breath of a suffering mass.

PUBLIC WELFARE & CHARITABLE TRUST  for poor needy Indian Tribal Villagers Active in Medical Aid, Education,Disaster Relief Camps, Dharamshalas/Shelter Homes Ashrams ,Meditation Center for Humanity  & Living Beings (Presently only in India)  GURUJI VIJ RAJESH TRUST (Govt Regd)  VOLUNTARY DONATION FUND INVITED Get 80g I TAX EXEMPTION in INDIA  donate  Click here 


 About Guruji Vij R:

 Forwarded by Govt of India (Ministry of Human Recourses) For Communication Radio Officer  for United Nation  Volunteer

On Rooster for United Nation  Assignment during Somalia crises Representing the Nation     

Put up for 12th Antarctic Expedition  by Dept of Oceanography to Represent India

Qualification: Ex Marine Radar/Radio Service Officer


 GURUJI vij rajesh trust


GOD IS ONE ‘His Dimensions are Different’ :Guruji Vij R


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